Interdisciplinary research on math, creative AI and the future of education

The MAD framework for creative mathematical AI

Formal models of mathematics (based on set theory or type theory) are blind to most aspects of creative mathematical thought. In education, research and philosophy, there is a need for beyond-formal models, integrating concepts like metaphor, image, emotion and embodied cognition.

MAD (Machines, Analogies, Dialectics) is our in-house framework for modelling mathematics and mathematical creativity.
Andrea Langva, CEO


Mathematics is an art form of “breathtaking depth and heartbreaking beauty” (Paul Lockhart), and must be treated as such in any meaningful mathematical education. Grothendieck describes the experience of a concept “choosing to reveal itself to us”, as if mathematics was a living and conscious entity with which we may enter into a relationship.

We are building an approach to mathematics which reflects these and other similar principles, where narrative and analogies take their rightful place alongside problem-solving strategies and formal definitions/theorems/proofs.

As a first step, we are offering live courses on the PeakMath platform, starting in 2022. The content of these courses will over time be integrated in an immersive landscape in which mathematics can be explored and experienced as a living and evolving whole.

Work with us

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Right now, we seek to fill the following roles:
Illustration/graphic design, for prototypes of PeakMath game cards and game world elements.
Content creation and live teaching for pilot courses on number theory (with a focus on L-functions) and problem-solving (up to IMO and Putnam level).